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frequently asked questions

Before Your Massage

Before your massage, you will be sent a digital health history form to complete before your appointment. The intake form answers questions that help us determine your individual goals and preferences. I want you to have the very best experience, which is why I go over your health history/intake form at the start of your first session. It is important to give a complete health history and mention your personal preferences on your form!

What do I wear?

It's suggested to wear something comfortable & casual to your massage session!

What do I not wear?

It's customary and common to undress either completely or to your comfort level so you can relax and enjoy your treatment. Professional draping and protocol will be followed at all times.

How long of a session do I need?

If you're new to massage therapy, you'll be surprised just how fast a 60 minute session goes by when working on the full body.


Deep tissue/therapeutic massages require focused attention, which takes more time. Below are suggested times for each modality to help you decide which works best for you.

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage

  • If you’d like to focus on a specific area of tension/pain, a 60 minute session is plenty of time.

  • For a full body session, a 90 minute session is best to ensure enough time.

Relaxation / Swedish Massage

Relaxation massages take less time, which makes the length of your session your personal preference.
Keep in mind, 60 minutes will always fly by in a full body massage. If you try a 60 minute session and decide it wasn't enough time, you can always extend the length of your session on your next visit.

What should I communicate to my therapist?

Be sure to communicate all concerns before, during, and even after your session.

Before your session

At the start of your session, we will go over your health/intake form and discuss any concerns or questions you may have so you can relax and enjoy your time!

During your session

Do you need more or less pressure? Is an area becoming sensitive or over worked? Please tell me! A massage therapist is trained to read the body through touch, but can't feel what you are feeling. Open communication helps establish a trusting relationship.
Know that after our initial conversation, it’s okay to zone out and get quiet! I do not initiate conversations. We’ll start by taking a few deep breaths, quieting the mind and relaxing into the body. This is your time. Enjoy it!

After your session

Was there anything about the session that you absolutely loved? Was there anything you didn't particularly like? Letting me know your personal preferences helps me customize your experience!

How often should you get Massages?

This is a common question asked at Vetta Wellness. The answer is, it depends on your goals & intentions for receiving massage treatment.

  • As part of your wellness/self-care routine, once or twice a month is great for maintenance and preventative care.

  • For chronic/reoccurring pain more frequent visits are recommended to address the pain. When your initial pain subsides, we will then reassess to biweekly or once a month schedule.

Remember: tightness in your shoulders or low back has been building for years! It will likely take longer than one session to find consistent relief.

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