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Nikki Spencer, CMT, HHP

I’ve taken my healing practice in a new direction, focusing more on pain and stress relief through multiple healing modalities. Including:

  • Therapeutic, targeted, feel-good massage that truly gets to the heart of your problem areas. You will feel thoroughly tended to and emotionally lighter. Your mental burdens dissolve as your body receives the good medicine it’s craving. Best of all, your body pain will be gone or much diminished.

  • Sound Bath treatment sessions (group or individual) that opens up space in the mind and heart, a session provides a deeply meditative container for healing and personal growth/introspection/deep restorative rest for the physical body. Many people report experiencing vivid dreams or visions, or seeing colors flow through their mind’s eye. We focus on a specific intention or issue and fill the space with the highest of vibrations to uplift and banish negativity and trauma.

By appointment only; books will be opening October 2023.

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